Vitalerter Vitals is a portable biosensor
that is placed under the bed and monitors
the patient’s vital signs contactlessly, 24/7.
All data are recorded and analyzed by the Vitalerter App and,
in case of emergency, Vitalerter alerts the care staff.


Smart sensors

that connect to the bed, contactlessly monitoring the patient’s vitals, keeping track of all important data (pulse, respiration, temperature, etc.)

An Artificial Intelligence (AI) System

which processes the data collected by the sensors in real time, creating a personalized profile for each patient.

A Digital Platform / Control Panel

that assists the monitoring of each patient’s status, in real time, with a control panel that keeps track of the situation of multiple patients.


(iOS and Android) that alerts in situation of acute changes in the rates of vitals, in real time.

Vitalerter Vitals prevents

Patients from falling out of their beds

Patients from leaving their beds when they are not allowed to

Lack of oxygen or irregular breathing

Any irregularity in the personalized patient profile

Ulcers, alerting staff in the event of body movement

Any extreme condition such as heart failure, hypothermia, septicemia, etc.

Epileptic crises, based on body movement and heart rate

Accidental, self-inflicted injuries, based on body movement

Vitals is

to install

it is placed discreetly under the bed


storing and processing all date in a secure cloud

Seamless and
low maintenance

thanks to its long-lasting batteries


it can be embedded into any already existing software used by a clinic


via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi


all you have to do is connect it
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