The smart wearable thermometer.
Suitable for all ages.

Easy to use

Tucky is smart

It monitors body temperature remotely, 24/7

It alerts in case the temperature limit you choose is exceeded

It displays the temperature curve in real time

It keeps data history for one or multiple profiles

Tucky is wearable

It is applied with a soft, comfortable patch
It is placed underneath the armpit and feels as if it’s not there
It connects to its app via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi
It charges via USB and has a 5-day battery autonomy

Tucky is safe

comfortable and

Its emission power is super low (1000x lower than a smartphone)

Certified with the strictest medical standards (CE/ISO13485)

Stores all data in a certified, secure Healthcare Cloud

Tucky is easy to use

    • It is easily placed underneath the armpit
    • Its app is simple and user-friendly
    • All info is displayed in intuitive graphics
    • all info is displayed in
      intuitive graphics
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