Ovulation. Whatever you wish for, you know its right time.

Η τεχνολογία στην υπηρεσία της γυναίκας.
Ωορρηξία. Ό,τι και να θέλεις, ξέρεις ακριβώς πότε.

femSense is an innovative digital sensor that helps women determine accurately the best time to get pregnant.

Technologically advanced
Medically certified
Easy to use
Accurate (over 93% accuracy)

femSense and the fertile window

  • A woman’s fertile window are the days during which she is fertile and has more possibilities to get pregnant.
  • femSense calculates the precise dates of the fertile window, notifying via its app in order to attach the patch and start measuring body temperature 24/7.
  • The app collects and analyzes all the data, pinpointing the exact fertility status in detail.
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